“If a truth is never communicable as such, it nevertheless implies, at a distance from itself, powerful reshapings of the forms and referents of communication.”

(L’ethique: Essai sur la conscience du Mal (1993), Alain Badiou)

 “…the whole of modern thought is imbued with the necessity of thinking the unthought…”

“ Even before prescribing, suggesting a future, saying what must be done, even before exhorting or merely sounding an alarm, thought, at the level of its existence, in its very dawning, is in itself an action- a perilous act.”

(Les Mots et les choses (1966), Michel Foucault)


photo by Sam Polcer

Marija Krtolica is a teacher, writer and performer/choreographer. She is currently Presidential Fellow in Ph.D. program in Dance at Temple University. Marija holds MA in Performance Studies from NYU and MFA from UC Davis. She obtained her BFA from Tisch School of the Arts, is a certified Jivamukti yoga teacher and has also completed Advanced Teacher’s Training at the Yoga Workshop, Boulder. She is recipient of 
Eddie Ferdun Award for Scholarly Achievement from Temple University.

Marija’s current research begins with Salpêtrière hospital where nineteenth century fascination with hysterical bodies gained its experiential and visible form during the era of neurologist Charcot. It extends into the realm of examination of mental illness’ relationship to its past, medical and religious discourses, psychoanalytic sessions, and artistic imagination. Krtolica looks into movement performances, which point towards potentials for political criticism via grotesque embodiment, and invite philosophical, ethical and aesthetic understanding of human body in the contemporary world.